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Welcome to Astrom, the epic new fantasy world from author Michael J. Harvey. This incredible world is the setting for his fantasy novels, starting with the Oron Amular trilogy. This website is here to help you explore this world, so come in and have a look around. There’s lots of content about this imaginary world, its characters, history, stories and legends, but there will also be updates about Oron Amular and other news. Be the first to get sneak previews and special offers. Read, explore, ask questions – it’s great to have you here.

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Oron Amular, Book 1: The Call of the Mountain released in November 2019 and is available online and in store. It was followed by Book 2: Rite of Passage in May 2020, and the Oron Amular trilogy is approaching completion, with Book 3: Power Unimaginable, coming soon. See the Buy The Book page for more details on how to order.

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