Along with Roujeark, Curillian is the most important character in Oron Amular. He’s also one of the most famous names in the world of Astrom.

Descendant of heroes, warriors and kings, Curillian is a remarkable and renowned individual. Falsely accused of murdering his father, King Mirkan of Maristonia, he was exiled from his homeland as an untested youth, and spent long years travelling through many lands in search of redemption and purpose.

Eventually he found his way to the Silver Empire, where he entered the service of Lancearon, an elven monarch who had long taken an interest in armists. Under the pseudonym of Ruthion he rose to fame as a great warrior, performing amazing feats and winning battles in the Second War of Kurundar. After recovering from a near-mortal wound, Lancearon equipped him to retake his lost throne and bring Maristonia’s much-needed strength into the war. Curillian triumphed over his enemies, helped win the war and restored his nation to peace and prosperity.

That was then. Now, fast forward four hundred years, and the armist king is bored. During a long reign of near-continuous peace he’s nevertheless undertaken many adventures and quests, destroying evil wherever he found it and generally bettering his realm, but it’s been long since he had a challenge worthy of him.

This is the situation when the invite of Kulothiel, Head of the League of Wizardry, finds this old, but still hale and vigorous king. It’s an invite to a mysterious tournament which promises to pit the best of every realm against each other and against great dangers and challenges in search of a great prize – Power Unimaginable. Curillian cannot resist, in spite of the warnings of his queen. Will it be the glorious final chapter in a glittering career, or a foolhardy end leaving his nation in peril? Read the novel (coming soon) to find out.

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