Find below an alphabetical list of all the character names, places and objects beginning with the letter W in the World of Astrom. I shall add to this list as more of my works are published. If an entry is missing, leave a comment below and I shall fill it when I can.

Wave Brethren

The name by which the Corsairs of Lurallan refer to themselves. A lot of crews are as fierce in their loyalty to each other as brothers, but for many of the buccaneers their claims to brotherhood are but a thin veneer over their villainy. See also Alanai, Corsairs & Lurallan.


A city in eastern Maristonia, after Welton the largest settlement in the Phirmar. Welton might be the ducal seat and centre of political power, but Welham controls the trade of the Phirmar, sitting as it does by the bridge that carries the Waterside Road over the River Wellain. See also Phirmar, Wellain & Welton.


A river in eastern Maristonia, one of the six great rivers of the Phirmar province. The Wellain is the longest waterway in the region, running down from the Eaymenn Plannetho hills and joining its sister-river the Buntyre at a delta on Dagger’s Cove. The Waterside Road crosses its lower reaches on a great bridge beside the thriving trading hub of Welham. See also Dagger’s Cove, Phirmar & Welham.


A city in eastern Maristonia, the regional capital of the Phirmar and the seat of the Duke of Welton, who rules the East-fold in the name of the king. Currently occupying the graceful palace is Duke Illyir, cousin to King Curillian. Welton is even more ancient than Mariston, built by the first Sea-elf colonists who sailed here in the First Chapter. For long years it was the capital of an independent Sea-elven kingdom, and still retains much of their influence and architecture even after it became part of Maristonia in the Third Chapter. In more recent times it is the pre-eminent city of the East-fold, the administrative capital and home to many refinements not found in other cities, including hot baths and an old elven-style amphitheatre. See also East-fold, Illyir, Phirmar.

Welton Road

A road in the Phirmar connecting the city of Welton with its trading hub on the River Tonsor a few miles away. Great waggons convey merchant goods from the river barges to the city, and officials and traders going the other way can take barges downstream to Dagger’s Cove or along the road eastward. The Waterside Road runs most of the breadth of the Phirmar, and although often also known as the Welton Road, it is only the stretch west of the Tonsor which bears the latter name officially. See also Phirmar, Tonsor & Welton.

Western Army

One of the five standing armies of Maristonia, tasked with guarding its western provinces. Composed of five legions, it is garrisoned in cities and forts up and down the West-fold coast. The other armies are the Eastern, Northern, Southern and Central Armies. See also Maristonia & West-fold.

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