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Want to buy a copy of Oron Amular? Easy! Just click through to my online shop and choose your book.

All three books of the Oron Amular trilogy are now out:

  • Book 1: The Call of the Mountain (2019)
  • Book 2: Rite of Passage (2020)
  • Book 3: Power Unimaginable (2020)

All are available online as paperbacks and eBooks. Below is a selection of online retailers where it’s available. A range of bookshops are stocking physical copies, so do check out your local bookshop.



Eden Books

Book Depository

Buy a signed copy

Buying direct from the author means you can get a limited edition, signed copy. Just head over to the World of Astrom shop.

One book
  • Any one book from the trilogy, signed by the author
Two books
  • Any two books from the trilogy, signed by the author
Whole trilogy
  • All three books of the trilogy, signed by the author

You can also get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram (@worldofastrom).


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If the Oron Amular trilogy isn’t enough, let me tell you where you can find more…World of Astrom is now on Patreon, which is a fantastic platform for connecting authors and fans. My page is home to a fast-expanding catalogue of premium fantasy content, exclusive to patrons. In return for a small monthly subscription, you can unlock a wide range of fabulous benefits, from chapter drafts of my forthcoming sequel, long-form blogs, map downloads, Ask the Author events, and much more. Head over to my Patreon page to find out more. Please consider becoming a patron today.

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