Find below an alphabetical list of all the character names, places and objects beginning with the letter P in the World of Astrom. I shall add to this list as more of my works are published. If an entry is missing, leave a comment below and I shall fill it when I can.


The capital city of the kingdom of Kalimar. It sits atop the hill of Arasanfell in the land of Avarianmar, enclosed by Tol Erest and the twin rivers of Beurell and Avarell. In the heart of the realm, it overlooks the land around it and is home to the High King. Its long history goes back to the early years of the First Chapter, when Avatar himself oversaw its construction. Since then its beauty and majesty have grown. It is a breathtaking city, full of gleaming buildings, amazing architecture and innumerable fountains and gardens. Its many spires and jewel-studded towers can be seen from afar by travellers. For long it was the centre of gravity in Elvendom, but even after it lost this position it remained important as a place of study and worship, for it contains the Temple of Prélan, the University of Paeyeir and the Great Library. No greater collection of lore exists in all the world, not even in Oron Amular or Marindel, though it has never been accessible to mortal scholars. See also Aravell, Avarianmar, Avatar, Kalimar & Prélan.


A man of Lurallan and a chieftain of the Alanai. Parthir is a ship-builder and captain of the Raduthite tribe, based in the more cultured north-eastern part of Lurallan, close to the Maristonian border. He is a small-time player compared to some of the other great corsair warlords, but nevertheless his skill with throwing knives is famous and his motley crew is well-respected in the southern seas. Alone of the all the Alanai he hears from Kulothiel and is surprised to receive an invitation to the Tournament of Oron Amular. But surprise won’t stop him from setting out on a perilous journey to Kalimar, a land full of ancient enemies. Parthir is olive-skinned, hawk-nosed and dresses in the flamboyant silks of a born swashbuckler. See also Alanai, Corsairs, Lurallan & Raduthon.

Pegasus Clan

The most powerful of all the clans of Aranar, the Pegasus consider themselves the natural rulers of the realm. Far more than any other clan, its knights and lords have often won the Hamid Tournament and become Jeantar, though in doing so they have made staunch enemies down the centuries. Occupying vast swathes of territory in western Aranar, in the Elarim Valley and the downs of Jaglalir, the Pegasus are the most numerous and wealthy of the clans, but they face perpetually fierce competition from the Eagle, Hawk & Falcon Clans. Southilar II, the current Jeantar, is Clan Lord of the Pegasus Clan, and personifies their pride and arrogance. See also Aranar, Jaglalir, Jeantar & Southilar.


A river in the far south-west of Kalimar, flowing out of the southern Black Mountains. It rises in the glaciers of the high mountains and runs through the fell, desolate uplands of Stonad before plunging down to the forest realm of Tol Ankil. South of the forest city of Firnon it branches into two sister rivers, the Sachill and the Namorell. See also Black Mountains, Firnon, Sachill & Stonad.


A region in eastern Maristonia, part of the East-fold. The Phirmar, Land of Water, is so-named because of all the rivers criss-crossing it. These rivers flow down from the hills which enclose the Phirmar to north and east, fencing it off from the rest of the East-fold and from Swordhilt Peninsula to the east. They form fertile valleys full of vineyards, orchards and corn-fields, but towards the coast they fan out into broad marshlands and swampy deltas, formed in the relatively sheltered waters of Dagger’s Cove. The farmers and wine-growers of the upper valleys are joined to the fowlers, weavers and paper-makers of the lower valleys by the Waterside Road, which runs the length of the Phirmar from west to east. Many large and prosperous trading towns are linked by this road like precious stones on a necklace. The largest of these towns is the beautiful city of Welton, the regional capital and ducal seat. A regular ferry operates between the River Tonsor in the Phirmar and Laston on Carinen Peninsula, allowing seaborne trade between central and eastern Maristonia. See also Dagger’s Cove, East-fold, Maristonia, Tonsor & Welton.


An armist of Maristonia and an officer in the Royal Guards of Mariston. Piron is a thoughtful, conscientious soldier, serving as second-in-command to Surumo in the Third Cohort. Like many officers in this prestigious palace unit, Piron graduated from the Mariston Academy. See also Royal Guards & Surumo.


The one true deity of Astrom, its creator and sustainer. Prélan is simply the elvish personal name for God, and is the same person as Yahweh of the Bible in this world. He is the same, but the ways in which He reveals Himself to the people of these two worlds differ. Prélan created the elves and sent them to Astrom at the dawn of the First Chapter. He subsequently descended to teach them in His ways, and thus it was they learned about His eternal nature, omnipotent and omnipresent, loving and holy. He dwells primarily in Eluvatar, the Holy Star, the heaven of elvish conception. The different elvish kindreds interacted with Prélan in different ways, but for the most part all remained true to Him and followed His commands faithfully for the whole First Chapter. Only in the Second Chapter did some begin to go astray, a long, tragic process which ultimately ended in entire nations falling into apostasy in the Great Betrayal and coming under the Curse of Morality. Behind this so-called curse, however, Prélan had a secret redemption plan for mortals, and so He sought after relationship with them in the Third and Fourth Chapters just as he had with the elves. The nuances and flavours of religion in Astrom became endlessly varied and amidst this great spectrum true worship of Prélan represented only a small segment, surrounded by much cynicism, doubt and false teaching. Yet elves, armists and mortals alike believe that one day Prélan will reconcile everything, ending the world in both judgement and salvation. See also Great Betrayal.

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