Find below an alphabetical list of all the character names, places and objects beginning with the letter F in the World of Astrom. I shall add to this list as more of my works are published. If an entry is missing, leave a comment below and I shall fill it when I can.


An elven term for armists, the name by which they called them when they first discovered them in the Carthaki Mountains at the dawn of the Second Chapter. See also Armists & Second Chapter.


The elven name for the Sword of Maristonia, meaning ‘blade of the armists’. The name was given it by its grey-elven forger, the master-smith Torlas. See also Sword of Maristonia.

Falcon Clan

One of the major clans of Aranar, based in the south-east of the country and thus furthest geogrpahically from the seat of power in Hamid. Partly because of their physical distance the Falcon Clan are also culturally different from the other clans, with whom they have a chequered history. See also Aranar and Hamid.


City of the harracks and the centre of their power. It lies in the heart of the mountainous realm of Stonad, lurking in the southern Black Mountains in a no-mans land between armist Maristonia, elven Kalimar and mortal Aranar. Pronounced ‘fau-doo-num’, with the fau rhyming with cow, not with saw. See also Harracks and Stonad.


A Wood-elf Master-mage from Kalimar. Finarion was a master of disguise and herblore, a skilled morpher and adept in the manipulation of living matter. Though he was trained and rose through the ranks centuries before, Finarion was one of the League of Wizardry’s last remaining mages in the years of its decline. In the League’s final days he was a member of the First Circle, the most powerful and experienced mages who were Kulothiel’s closest advisors. Like many of his comrades he perished in the great battle against Kurundar and his dark mages before the events of Oron Amular, a battle that only Kulothiel came back from. See also First Circle, Kulothiel & League of Wizardry.


An armist and member of the Third Cohort of the Royal Guards of Mariston. Findor is a member of the expedition that accompanies King Curillian to Oron Amular. See also Royal Guards and Curillian.

Fire Demon

A terrible demon of great power who was the greatest enemy of the elves in the ancient days of their youth. His true name has been forgotten by all save the most learned loremasters among the elves, and is known to history and legend simply as the Fire Demon, or the Great Demon. According to elven lore he led the assault on elvish civilisation in the First Chapter, but was defeated and imprisoned in the Underworld by Avatar, the first High King. There he has remained ever since, but his malign influence is felt in all evil things throughout the world. See also Avatar, First Chapter & Great Wars.


Elvish name for the wood-elves, named after their first king, Firnar. The wood-elves are the most secretive of the three main kindreds of the elves, rarely coming out of their woodland fastnesses to interact with the outside world. They are as varied as the trees they love, some loving oaks, some building high homes in giant beeches and some loving riverside willows and alders. They are wonderful weavers, passionate storytellers and great lovers of animals. Some of them even have the gift of shape-shifting into the forms of beasts. Most Firnai dwell deep within Kalimar, but one colony live in the forest of Tol Ankil on the borders of Maristonia. See also Tol Ankil & Firnar.


First King of the Firnai and overlord of the wood-elven kindred. With his spouse, Firalan, Firnar came to Astrom in a fallen star and was one of the first six elves to walk in Kalimar, along with the forefathers and foremothers of the high-elves and sea-elves. Though his descendants performed great deeds, Firnar was never an elf of action, but instead a deep thinker and a contemplative lord, gifted with fore-sight. He could shape-shift so easily, and for so long, that many could be forgiven for thinking that he had turned into a tree or spent his days perched in the high boughs as a goshawk. Firnar is the grandsire of Carea, through his son Therendir, her father. See also Carea, Firnai & Therendir.


The main wood-elf settlement in the forest of Tol Ankil, lying deep within the northern part of the forest. Here dwelt the queen and the greatest concentration of her people, with the rest of the inhabitants dispersed throughout the forest. See also Tol Ankil.

First Chapter

A unit of time in the history of Astrom, one of four major epochs known as ‘chapters’. The First Chapter lasted for three thousand years and spanned many formative events in Astrom. It began with the awakening of the first elves from their fallen stars and ended with great migrations in which the elves of Kalimar founded new realms and nations after the Great Wars. The Second Chapter began with the awakening of new races in the Carthaki Mountains, the armists and the dwarves. See also Second Chapter, Third Chapter & Fourth Chapter.

First Circle

One of four circles that organise the League of Wizardry. The circles increase in importance from the higher numbers to the lower, so the First Circle was the highest, made up of the most powerful ad experienced wizards. Those who ascended to the First Circle after long years of study and training gained the coveted rank of Amulira, Master-Mage. There were few of these at any one time, the edler statesmen of the League and the closest advisors and supporters of the Keeper. It was the Master-Mages who trained the Kenapayen, the Overseers, of the Second Circle, among whom they might raise up multiple proteges. They rarely left Oron Amular and did so only for the gravest missions. See also League of Wizardry, Oron Amular & Second Circle.

First War of Kurundar

A great conflict at the end of the first millennium of the Third Chapter. It was the first of three great wars caused by the evil sorcrer Kurundar and his ambitions to dominate the entire continent. The First War followed after centuries in which he slowly built up his strength and harrassed his enemies with raids by land and by sea. His enemies, all the Free Peoples, joined together in alliance against him and marched into Urunmar to overthrow him in a titanic battle at the foot of Oron Cavardul. Kurundar was overthrown but not destroyed, and fled into hiding out of the knowledge of his adversaries, and was only able to arise again many centuries later. See also Kurundar, Oron Cavardul & Urunmar.

Firth of Ciricen

A long, narrow body of water separating the countries of Hendar and Ciricen. Although hundreds of miles long from north to south it is only a few dozen miles across at its widest. For centuries it has been both a vital trade artery between the rival nations and the staging ground for their naval rivalry. See also Hendar & Ciricen.

Fourth Chapter

The fourth and latest of the four great epochs of Astrom’s history, following the First, Second and Third Chapters. It is also the shortest, lasting only a thousand years compared to the three thousand of each of the others. This shorter time span reflected the great changes occurring during this period, the most momentous of which was the mass departure of the elves from mainland Astrom and an acceleration of mortal technology and preponderance. Oron Amular is set in the fifth century of the Fourth Chapter, some 9,500 years after the first arising of the elves at the dawn of the First Chapter. See also First Chapter, Second Chapter & Third Chapter.

Fourth Circle

One of four circles that organise the League of Wizardry. The circles increase in importance from the higher numbers to the lower, so the Fourth Circle was the most junior, the starting point for all apprentices. Youngsters who showed promise were identified and recruited by the League of Wizardry, but they would have to go through arduous training and a long apprenticeship in service to senior mages before they can become wizards themselves. Those who complete the training and pass the tests are allowed to become Amthaen, the Warrior-wizards of the Third Circle. See also League of Wizardry, Oron Amular & Third Circle.

Free Peoples

A collective term for the various nations of Astrom opposed to the evil of Urunmar in the north. This included the elves, armists, dwarves and mortal men and women. They were of varying degrees of nobility and goodness at different times in their history, by and large only deemed to be good by contrast with the evil of Kurundar’s regime, and united only by their opposition to him. In the interludes between his different reigns of terror they fought frequently amongst themselves. See also Kurundar & Urunmar.

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