Find below an alphabetical list of all the character names, places and objects beginning with the letter T in the World of Astrom. I shall add to this list as more of my works are published. If an entry is missing, leave a comment below and I shall fill it when I can.

Tear of Mírianna

An exquisite jewel bequeathed to Oron Amular by Mírianna, the High Queen of Kalimar, before she departed Astrom for the Inner Isles. Now it sits at the entrance to the inner sanctum of the Mountain, enthroned on an obsidian pedestal. It shines with a blue radiance which illuminates the chamber around it, but which is too bright to look directly at close up. The size of a very large bird egg, it is so beautiful and so dazzling, that many hold that it was not crafted by hand at all – not even by the famed jewel-smiths of Aramar, but came to Astrom from Eluvatar with Avatar himself, a heavenly heirloom. See also Avatar, Mírianna & Oron Amular.


A pony which accompanied Roujeark on his first journey to Oron Amular. His only companion after his father was murdered, Roujeark grew exceedingly fond of the beast, and they made many further journeys together for the pony died. See also Roujeark.


An armist and the Crown Prince of Maristonia, being the eldest surviving son of King Curillian. His mother was Queen Carmen, and as was common for royal progeny, he was not born until late in his father’s reign. He was just a small boy when his father departed on the Quest of Oron Amular, but already being intensively trained for the kingship he will one day inherit. His favourite tutor is Gaeon. See also Carmen, Curillian & Gaeon.

The Bowl

A low-lying region in eastern Maristonia, occupying a good part of the East-fold between the Saneth and the River Vanri. Over a wide area it slopes gently down into a shallow depression below sea-level, and in its centre is an eponymous lake, into which drain all the rivers in the nearby area, including the Sachill running down out of Tol Ankil and the Kalthir, whose sources are high up in the Saneth. The slopes of The Bowl are fertile and it is populated with many prosperous farming villages and market-towns – part of the breadbasket of eastern Maristonia. See also East-fold, Sachill & Saneth.


The favourite steed of King Curillian, a noble, thoroughbred horse of Aranese pedigree. See also Aranar & Curillian.


An elf of Kalimar, Therendir is king of the wood-elves and lord of the forest realm of Therenmar, from which he takes his name. He is the son of Firnar and Fírala, the first king and queen of the wood-elves, but he inherited the rulership from them long ago and has reigned in Therenmar for millennia. He is wise and just, but an ardent isolationist who refuses to have dealings with the world beyond Kalimar; he is reluctant even to leave his woods these days. This attitude leaves him in constant debate with his headstrong daughter, Carea, who influences outside events more than others of her kindred. See also Carea, Firnar & Therenmar.


The great forest domain of the wood-elves in the heart of Kalimar. One of the greatest unbroken stretches of woodland in all of Astrom, Therenmar is a country within a country. It wraps around the northern foothills of the Black Mountains and extends almost to the shores of the Troizon Ocean. To north and east it gives way to the tilled fields of the Avatar, and not far south of its southern eaves is the Kalimari capital of Paeyeir. Therenmar contains a great part of the wood-elven population and represents the pinnacle of their civilisation in many spheres of life. Within its borders are many different kinds of trees and different communities as varied as the places they love: the willow-strewn river-banks, the sun-dappled glades, the rowan-clad hill-slopes and the deep woods of oaks, beeches and maples. Few of its secrets are known to outsiders, for even the other elves seldom come to Therenmar, and even then they keep to well-trodden paths and rarely stray into the mysterious realm beyond. See also Firnai, Kalimar & Therendir.

Third Circle

One of four circles that organise the League of Wizardry. The circles increase in importance from the higher numbers to the lower, so the Third Circle was the second point of progression, made up of junior wizards who have passed their noviciate. The wizards of the Third Circle are the footsoldiers of the League of Wizardry, its main agents and messengers. When the days darkened and evil arose their principal function became one of fighting, at which point they became known as Amthaen, the Warrior-wizards, and it is in this guise that they are most remembered. Each junior wizard is mentored by one of the Kenapayen, or Overseers, senior wizards and Master-mages of the Second Circle. Those who serve long enough and prove themselves through study and active duty alike go on to become Master-mages themselves. See also League of Wizardry & Second Circle.

Third War of Kurundar

The third major conflict between the Free Peoples and Kurundar, and his final attempt to conquer Astrom. Returning again to his dark stronghold in Urunmar, Kurundar saw opportunity in the disunity of the Free Peoples following the demise of both the Silver Empire and the League of Wizardry. Summoning demons and dark powers, Kurundar launched an invasion of both Hendar and Ciricen. Only time would tell whether his enemies would succeed in uniting and beating him off once again, or would finally fall into darkness. See also Kurundar, Second War of Kurundar & Urunmar.


The mortal King of Ciricen at the time of the Quest of Oron Amular. Thónarion ascended to the throne in the midst of tragedy and warfare, for the Sordai had arisen again to trouble Ciricen and his heroic brother, Eldathar III, had been treacherously murdered by another brother whilst still young. It was Thónarion’s hopeless task to resolve a war that had been waging for generations, and so his reign, like those of his father and brother, was marked by blood and woe. He could not attend Kulothiel’s tournament, but grudgingly sent Earl Culdon, one of his chief lieutenants, in the hope that he might find aid for their struggle. See also Ciricen, Culdon & Sordai.


A man and member of the League of Wizardry. He was from Ciricen, of Lordai race, and had undertaken his noviciate and training in the dying days of the Second War of Kurundar. Whilst still a warrior-wizard of the Third Circle he played a key role in wresting back control of Ciricen from the Sordai. He continued to be active in his home country when the Sordai rose to strength again, by which time he had advanced to become a Master-mage of the Second Circle. He was one of the last generation of wizards who fought and died in Kulothiel’s fateful confrontation with Kurundar and the dark wizards. Yet before he died he left coded directions to Oron Amular, and thus was Earl Culdon able to attend Kulothiel’s tournament. See also Ciricen, Culdon & Kulothiel.

Tol Ankil

A forest-realm of the wood-elves on the southern fringe of Kalimar. Its outward marches ran along the border with Maristonia, whilst to the north it lay nestled in the foothills of the southern Black Mountains. Although it was the closest outpost of Elvendom to Maristonia, the wooded approaches to it were shunned by the armists as a place of fear and mystery. Queen Dácariel, of the Firnai royal house, liked to keep it this way, for though she had founded the realm millennia ago in days of peace, she had only maintained it in a changing world with unending vigilance, aided by her warlike children, Sin-Serin, Sin-Solar and Sin-Tolor. See also Dácariel, Firnai & Sin-Serin.

Tol Verenen

A royal forest in the Central Lands of Maristonia, spanning the Tolhir and Athsala valleys. Two days’ easy ride west of Mariston, it was a favourite hunting ground for the Kings of Maristonia and their retainers. It also contained a venerable royal shrine and dynastic mausoleum for the Harolins. See also Central Lands, Harolin & Mariston.


A river in eastern Maristonia, one of the six great rivers of the Phirmar. The Tonsor runs past the foot of Welton Hill, where the Waterside Road ran down from the ducal capital of Welton and headed eastward to the other major towns of the region. The Tonsor’s other distinction is its barges, which ferry cargo and passengers upriver from the marshy delta on Dagger’s Cove to the wharves by the Waterside Road. Similar barges operated on the Wellain and Buntyre Rivers, but the Tonsor’s were the longest and most efficient. See also East-fold, Phirmar & Welton.


A major river in central Maristonia, draining the land between the Delarom Pass and the Ebinnon Valley. The Tribune runs down from the glacial meltwaters on the slopes of Oron Rougund in the eastern Carthaki Mountains to empty into Mariston Bay near the port of Trébund. It is the first major barrier the traveller comes to when journeying west from Delarom Pass to Mariston. A broad ridge of high pastures and moorland separates the Tribune and Ebinnon Valleys, which between them constitute the ancestral heartlands of the armists, an enclave within the old elvish kingdom. Roujeark’s old home lay high up near the source of the Tribune, in the foothills of the mountains. See also Carthaki Mountains, Delarom Pass & Roujeark.

Triumblen Isles

The greatest group of islands in the Inner Isles, an extensive archipelago in the Troizon Ocean to the east of Kalimar. The Triumblen Isles are chosen home of High-King Avatar, the place he removed to after leaving mainland Astrom. His palace and seat of Avariandel is the capital of the islands, from which he rules the elvish community in the Inner Isles. The Triumblen Isles are mountainous and strikingly beautiful, full of fjords, waterfalls and forests. Two arms of the main island curve around a central bay with a narrow, guarded entrance, and around this main island are hundreds of lesser islands. See also Avatar, Inner Isles & Troizon Ocean.

Troizon Ocean

One of the great oceans of Astrom, lapping the entire eastern seaboard of Astrom. It is the maritime link between the ocean-going communities of Lurallan, Maristonia, Kalimar, Ciricen & Urunmar. The Inner Isles lie in the Troizon Ocean, at their nearest within sight of the Golden Finger of Kalimar, but otherwise the ocean is a wide expanse, unknown to all except the ancient Sea-elven mariners who left no records for mortal voyagers. See also Inner Isles.

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