Find below an alphabetical list of all the character names, places and objects beginning with the letter N in the World of Astrom. I shall add to this list as more of my works are published. If an entry is missing, leave a comment below and I shall fill it when I can.


An alias of Curillian during his years of wandering, appropriately meaning ‘exile’. Other names he took during his exile to escape the attention of the usurping Lord Protector’s agents, but he resumed his own name Curillian when he took back his crown. See also Curillian & Lord Protector.


A city in Hendar, one of the greatest cities of that realm. Located in the northern part of the country, it rules over a wild and vast expanse of territory. It is also the name of a dukedom centred around the city, one of five into which Hendar is divided. Behind Malator and Kalator it is the third most powerful of the dukedoms. It has great military significance as being responsible for the defence of Hendar against the forces of evil to the north. From Nalator the defences of Tor Kenfer and the Guard Hills are co-ordinated. Nalator itself has exceedingly strong fortifications, first erected during the Hendarian Civil Wars in the early Third Chapter and then added to and strengthened many times during the wars of the Third Chapter. Its current ruler, Duke Dencaril, is a great statesman who wielded great influence over his brother, the late King Idunar, and who looks poised to likewise influence his nephew, Adhanor, the new king. See also Dencaril, Adhanor, Hendar & Kalator


A man of Ciricen and a senior warrior in the household of Earl Culdon of Centaur. See also Culdon.


An elf of Kalimar. Nimarion is of the Marintor sea-elven kindred, and he is a lord of Marinia, the coastal domain of the sea-elves. He is chosen as the representative of his kindred to go to the Tournament of Oron Amular. See also Marintor & Marinia.


One of the great rivers of Kalimar, flowing down from the glaciers of the high Black Mountains to its estuary in Nimrell Bay. It dissects southern Kalimar and runs mostly through Avatar lands. It is revered by all the elves as a sacred river and they go to great lengths to keep it clean and undefiled. Its many tributaries drain most of southern Kalimar and there are places of great beauty all along its banks, especially higher up in the foothill country. The Eldarell Water-Meadows are one such place, a haven of wildlife and tranquil beauty. See also Nimrell Bay, Black Mountains & Eldarell Water-Meadows.

Nimrell Bay

A great bay on the southern coast of Kalimar, running hundreds of miles from the Golden Finger to the Maristonian border. Although called a bay it is more of a great bight where the Troizon coast of eastern Astrom takes a major inward curve. Many of Kalimar’s great rivers empty into Nimrell Bay, including its namesake Nimrell and also the Beurell. The sea-elves have many ports and homes along the bay, especially in their coastal lordship of Marinia. The coast of Nimrell Bay is characterised by long sandy beaches, wide river estuaries and tall limestone cliffs riddled with caves and grottoes where the sea-elves make their homes and places of worship. See also Kalimar, Nimrell & Troizon Ocean.


An armist and member of the Third Cohort of the Royal Guards of Mariston. Norscinde is a brave warrior and devoted to his talismanic king. See also Royal Guards.

Northern Army

One of the five standing armies of Maristonia, tasked with guarding its northern borders. Composed of four legions, it is the smallest of Maristonia’s armies, mainly because it has few enemies to the north and threats have rarely materialised from that direction. The Northern Army is based in various garrisons down the length of the Vanri frontier, from Brekston to Phoenix. The other armies are the Eastern, Western, Southern and Central Armies. See also Maristonia & Vanri.


A man of Hendar and a senior member of the clergy. Nurvo is Bishop of Losantum, a rich and powerful diocese in central Hendar. Nurvo is every inch the model cleric, cultured and urbane. He has short-cropped black hair, slicked austerely with oil. Outwardly orthodox and impeccably dressed, Nurvo nevertheless has a reputation for arcane knowledge and delving into ancient mysteries. He is a close ally of Duke Rumoril of Malator, though he is at odds with other senior prelates in the church. It is his specialist knowledge which brings him to Kalator and into the direct service of the new King Adhanor, who urgently needs to find a way to the lost mountain of Oron Amular. See also Rumoril, Hendar, Kalator & Adhanor.

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