Find below an alphabetical list of all the character names, places and objects beginning with the letter B in the World of Astrom. I shall add to this list as more of my works are published. If an entry is missing, leave a comment below and I shall fill it when I can.


A man of Ciricen and a powerful mortal mage-lord. Baradon was one of last generation of senior wizards in the League of Wizardry. He was just an apprentice during the Second War of Kurundar, but he won much renown in the reconquest of Ciricen, his homeland, and rose swiftly through the ranks till he was an Amulira of the First Circle. He was one of Kulothiel’s closest allies, and among those who stood beside the Keeper in his fateful confrontation with Kurundar and the forces of Urunmar, yet despite fighting valiantly against the darkness, he was doomed to die at the hand of his own apprentice, and never came home from that bleak northern battlefield. See also Amulira, Kulothiel, League of Wizardry & Second War of Kurundar.

Benek Thunder-Eye

A man of Aranar and an outlaw. Benek is a member of Raspald Kin-Slayer’s band, with whom he successfully ambushes the Ithrillian delegates and forces them to lead them to Oron Amular. Benek is one-eyed and so-called because of a huge black scab which surrounds his one good eye, the legacy of a horrific injury. See also Raspald & Elrinde.

Black Magic

One of two kinds of magic in the world, Black Magic is as evil as High Magic is noble and pure. Both kinds emanate from twin pools of magic, one in Oron Amular and one in Oron Cavardul in the far north. Whereas the former became the home of the League of Wizardry, the latter was corrupted by an evil sorcerer who claimed it for his own and twisted it for evil purposes. Thereafter great forces of evil drew power from this pool and unleashed it upon the free world. See also High Magic, Oron Amular, Oron Cavardul and Kurundar.

Black Mountains

A chain of mountains in eastern Astrom marking the western frontier of Kalimar. On its western side is the desolate plateau of Dorzand, and on its eastern flanks are the immortal lands of elven Kalimar. The Black Mountains are so named for the prevalence of dark, volcanic rock in the range, as well as for the many impenetrable glens and dark valleys hidden in its sprawling expanse. Oron Amular is the largest of many tall peaks in this range. See also Kalimar, Dorzand and Oron Amular.

Broadsword Ridge

A ridge of high ground in eastern Maristonia marking the northern boundary of the province of Phirmar. Beyond it to the north lies the sparsely populated north-eastern frontier of Maristonia. It is a fortified natural frontier for the armists of Maristonia for it lies close to the lawless barbarian lands of Swordhilt Peninsula. See also Phirmar, Swordhilt Peninsula and Maristonia.

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