Find below an alphabetical list of all the character names, places and objects beginning with the letter K in the World of Astrom. I shall add to this list as more of my works are published. If an entry is missing, leave a comment below and I shall fill it when I can.


The capital city of Hendar and one of that kingdom’s five great cities. Kalator is home to the royal palace and administration as well as the Senate, a gathering of all the nation’s nobility and senior clergy. Kalator is located in the south-east of the country. See also Hendar.


Kalimar is the oldest and fairest of all the realms of Astrom, home to its first civilisation when the elves awoke from fallen stars at the dawn of history. For thousands of years Kalimar was the only kingdom in Astrom, but from it in later days came the seeds from which all the other nations grew. However, the rest of the world left its mother civilisation behind, for Kalimar became a quiet and inward-looking nation little interested in affairs beyond its borders. Only the League of Wizardry retained an active role in outside events. When the League declined, the rest of the world virtually forgot Kalimar. Geographically Kalimar occupies the eastern tip of Astrom, jutting out into the Troizon Ocean in a broad peninsula. It is well-favoured with a benign climate of plentiful sunshine and moderate rains. The Black Mountains fence it off from the rest of Astrom, though the elven sentinels keep a watchful eye on the border marches with Dorzand and the Upper Vanri. The Kalimari population is divided into three main kindreds: high-elves, sea-elves and wood-elves. The high-elves occupy the fertile valleys and great cities, the sea-elves live in cliff-caves and coastal ports and the wood-elves make the wide forests their home. See also High-Elves, Sea-Elves, Wood-Elves & League of Wizardry.


A man of Ciricen and a member of Earl Culdon’s entourage on the Quest of Oron Amular. Kaspain is a young warrior of the earl’s household. He is blond-haired and less experienced than his veteran companions. See also Ciricen & Culdon.


A title held by the Head of the League of Wizardry, referring to his responsibility to look after Oron Amular and steward its Pool of High Magic. Kulothiel has been the Keeper for centuries, and among the few who know he still exists he is often referred to in shorthand as simply ‘The Keeper’. See also Kulothiel, League of Wizardry & Oron Amular.


An ancient order of Maristonian warriors with a legendary reputation. They take their name from an armist hero of the Second Chapter, Maralion, who opposed the goblins during the Great Winter and became a veritable one man army. So lethal was he with his war-club that he became known as Markonen the Mace, and his followers as Konenaires. Long after his death armists continued to pledge themselves to his way of life, living as a sect of austere warrior fanatics. They were known by their blade-less weapons, their arcane rituals and their extensive body tattoos and inkings. The Konenaires redoubled their fearsome reputation in the Carthaki Wars and survived into the Third Chapter, but few indeed could be found in the days of the Quest of Oron Amular. Lionenn, a scout in the Eastern Army, was one such adherent, one of only a few who still professed allegiance to this ancient way of life. See also Lionenn & Carthaki Wars.


A man of Aranar born early in the Third Chapter. With his brother, Kurundar, he became one of the earliest mortals to be admitted into the League of Wizardry, where he trained in the magic arts. With his brother he was sent on the Quest of Oron Barazand, to find the second Pool of High Magic reputed to exist somewhere in the northern mountains. Yet injuries and ill-fortune forced Kulothiel to turn back, meaning that Kurundar went on alone to discover the prize. While Kurundar remained isolated and unsupervised in possession of enormous raw power, Kulothiel recuperated at Oron Amular and rose in the ranks of the wizards. He was taken to apprentice and trained by Ereithan, the Keeper himself, and went on to succeed his master as Head of the League of Wizardry. The endorsement of his predecessor, his own vast potential, and the demands of The Oracle all combined to ensure Kulothiel’s elevation ahead of numerous more senior mage-lords. Kulothiel had fought against his brother in the First War of Kurundar and took on the leadership of the League when his brother arose again to plague the world. It became his life’s mission to throw down his brother, who had turned irredeemably to evil. Kulothiel was granted a supernaturally long life-span to enable him to complete this mission, both by direct involvement and by orchestrating the unity of the Free Peoples and training up various proteges to join the fight. After two costly victories Kulothiel nearly despairs to see Kurundar arise for the third time, and must seek new counsel in order to defeat him once and for all. With ancient prophecies ringing in his ears he decides to hold a tournament…See also Kurundar, League of Wizardry, Oracle & Oron Amular.


A man of Aranar born early in the Third Chapter. Inseparable from his brother, Kulothiel, he won the unprecedented honour of acceptance into the League of Wizardry, where his incredibly natural gifting in magic was honed and trained. Too early, though, he was sent on a singular mission by the Keeper and found himself in possession of the second Pool of High Magic. Bereft of his brother’s guidance and restraint at a crucial moment in history, Kurundar succumbed to his pride and claimed the prize for himself. He responded to the League’s demands that he relinquish it with increasing haughtiness, and little by little he built up his power and fell into darkness, the Pool of High Magic becoming as corrupt as his heart. His mountain-fortress becomes known as Oron Cavardul. When his menace grew too great, the Free Peoples united against him and he resolved to destroy his enemies. But they seized the initiative and against his expectations marched into Urunmar to confront him in his own fastness. Deploying his vast armies and dread beasts, he nearly succeeded in vanquishing the strength of the south, only to be cast down at a pivotal moment by the mage-lords of Oron Amular. Leaving his power-base behind, he fled into hiding and escaped their notice for centuries while he licked his wounds and nursed his hatred. When he returned in secret, he did so vowing to avenge his former defeat and destroy the free world. This time he prepared longer and grew even stronger, but again his designs failed of their ambitions and he met defeat, this time at the hands of the Silver Empire and a new generation of mage-lords under the steadfast leadership of his brother. The years preceding the Tournament of Oron Amular witnessed his third rising. His enemies are scattered and the strength of both League and empire are spent. A final showdown with his nemesis brother looms. Surely now is his time? See also Oron Cavardul, Oron Amular, Kulothiel, Silver Empire & League of Wizardry.

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