Find below an alphabetical list of all the character names, places and objects beginning with the letter E in the World of Astrom. I shall add to this list as more of my works are published. If an entry is missing, leave a comment below and I shall fill it when I can.


A region of Maristonia representing the easternmost part of the realm. It includes all the lands eastward of Delarom Pass, that is lying outside the Carthaki Mountains between central Maristonia and Kalimar to the east. The East-fold extends as far north as the River Vanri, as far west as the mountains, as far south as Dagger’s Cove and as far east as Kalimar and the hills which mark Maristonia’s borders with the lawless lands of Swordhilt Peninsula. Most of the East-fold is rich arable lands and as such it contains many prosperous market towns, as well as the trading hub of Phirmar. See also Maristonia, Phirmar and Delarom Pass.

Eastern Army

One of the five standing armies of Maristonia, tasked with guarding its eastern borders. Composed of five legions, the Eastern Army is based in various garrisons around the East-fold. The other armies are the Northern, Western, Southern and Central Armies. See also Maristonia & East-fold.


A region of Astrom. The River Vanri, flowing east to west, cuts Astrom roughly in half. Ebinnin is the name given to all those lands south of the river, including Maristonia, Swordhilt Peninsula and Lurallan. The lands lying north of the river, including Aranar, Ithrill & Hendar are collectively named Ciroken. See also Ciroken & Vanri.


A river in central Maristonia flowing south from the Carthaki Mountains down to Mariston Bay. It is a deeply significant river to armists, for its sources rise near the place of their birth in the mountain foothills, close to the city of Arton, and the capital city of Mariston is built by its mouth. It is an important artery of trade and communication. See also Carthaki Mountains, Arton and Mariston.


An armist and member of the Third Cohort of the Royal Guards of Mariston. Edrist is a brave warrior and devoted to his talismanic king. See also Royal Guards.


A small town in eastern Maristonia, located in the remote western part of Phirmar. Surrounded by marhses it is home to fishermen. See also Phirmar.


A small river in Kalimar, deemed to be sacred for its beautiful, translucent waters. It is a tributary of the River Nimrell, issuing from a spring in the foothills of the southern Black Mountains. The Eldarell Water-Meadows lie not far beyond its confluence with the Nimrell. See also Nimrell & Eldarell Water-Meadows.

Eldarell Water-Meadows

A beautiful stretch of water along the upper Nimrell River where the stream slows down and winds through an enchanting landscape of pools, meres, rushes and flowers. It is a favourite spot of the elves and much beloved by them for its tranquillity and opulence of wildlife. See also Nimrell.


The former King of Ciricen, elder brother to the current monarch Thónarion. Both were sons of King Liotor, in whose reign the Sordai began to arise again to plague the kingdom. Eldathar III held the throne for only five years before beginning treacherously murdered by a third brother. This was 16 years before the Quest to Oron Amular, in which time his younger brother and successor Thónarion has maintained the struggle against the Sordai. See also Liotor, Sordai & Thónarion.


An elf of Ithrill and a great warrior. Not of noble birth, he rose high in the service of Lancearon during the Silver Wars by virtue of his skill and martial prowess. He became one of the emperor’s greatest commanders, playing a key role in the Second War of Kurundar. One of Lancearon’s right-hand elves, he travelled to Oron Amular as his representative, along with Astacar and Linvion. See also Astacar, Linvion, Lancearon, Ithrill & Second War of Kurundar.


An elf of Kalimar and a Master-Mage of the League of Wizardry. Elucar joined the League in the Third Chapter and gradually rose through the ranks until he was one of the most senior mages by the end of the Second War of Kurundar. Renowned for his wisdom as well as his martial prowess, Elucar was one of Kulothiel’s closest advisors, a member of the prestigious First Circle. He met his end during the battle in Urunmar when the League of Wizardry attempted in vain to overthrow Kurundar. Cut down by his own apprentice, who had long before turned to evil, his passing was a sore blow to Kulothiel. He was the last of the great elven Master-Mages, and his death was the end of an era for Oron Amular, which had been established and ruled by his predecessors for thousands of years. See also First Circle, Kulothiel & League of Wizardry.


Eluvatar means ‘Holy Star’, and is believed by the elves to be the dwelling place of Prélan Himself. In their mythology it is believed to be a specific place in the heavens, a paradise from which the first elves came in their star capsules at the dawn of time. It is held in great reverence by the elves, who also believe that a time will come when they will return thither, after a long sojourn on Astrom. Star-steel, a potent substance of many virtues, and a key ingredient in many of Oron Amular’s greatest weapons and devices, is believed to have come from Eluvatar as a gift from Prélan. See also Oron Amular & Prélan.


A term for the full extent of elven civilisation and culture across Astrom, encompassing all the elven kingdoms and kindreds. It was a concept held sacred by most elves, though in practical day-to-day terms their attitudes to it ranged from indifferent to fiercely zealous. See also Kalimar & Ithrill.


A man of Hendar and personal physician of King Adhanor. He was part of the Hendarian expedition to Oron Amular. See also Adhanor.


An armist of Maristonia, Eremiah is chaplain and confessor to Crown Prince Téthan. They have been friends since Téthan’s boyhood, and together the prince and the priest grew up in the Carimir Palace. As Téthan approaches adulthood, Eremiah is his constant companion and advisor, a devout and serious armist well-respected at court. See also Carimir & Téthan.


An armist of Maristonia and a resourceful officer in the Eastern Army. A colonel in charge of a militar of 600 armists, Estalor is one of the senior officers in the 5th Legion, under the command of General Horuistan. At Curillian’s order, the whole legion encamps beyond Tol Ankil, ready for trouble, while the king quested towards Oron Amular. See also Eastern Army & Tol Ankil.

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