Find below an alphabetical list of all the character names, places and objects beginning with the letter I in the World of Astrom. I shall add to this list as more of my works are published. If an entry is missing, leave a comment below and I shall fill it when I can.


The late King of Hendar and father of the newly ascended King Adhanor. Scion of an ancient royal house, Idunar came to the crown after rioting blighted the end of his predecessor’s reign and founded the new Ecthelos Dynasty. He was the first Hendarian king to be troubled by Kurundar in over two centuries. In this challenge he was assisted, and regularly overshadowed, by his forceful brothers, Dukes Dencaril and Rumoril. His death came amid mysterious circumstances after a reign of 169 years. See also Rumoril, Adhanor & Dencaril.


A remote settlement in a beautiful valley in the western Black Mountains. It is home to a reclusive tribe of mortals, believed to have removed thither from eastern Aranar. It is rumoured, however, that their blood is mixed with that of the hill-men of Dorzand. On the whole they are a good folk, rustic and simple but fierce of their independence. With tough determination and no little fighting valour they maintain their precarious existence against threats from hill-men, goblins and harracks alike. See also Black Mountains & Dorzand.


A noble armist of royal blood, the Duke of Welton and cousin to King Curillian. Illyir is the son of Haryir, whose mother Neres was Duchess of Marble. The younger sister of King Mirkan, Neres was Curillian’s aunt. Haryir was the younger of Neres’ two sons and the one who stayed most loyal to the Harolins during Curillian’s exile. Curillian restored his fortunes when he reclaimed the throne and remained fond of him till his death, and afterwards of his heir, Illyir. Illyir maintains his seat of power in the ancient elven city of Welton and rules over the whole East-fold in the king’s name. After Crown Prince Téthan he is heir to the throne. See also Téthan, Curillian, Welton & Mirkan.


The elvish name for the deep-elves, see Deep-elves.


A small market-town in eastern Maristonia, not far from the eaves of Tol Ankil. Situated in the far east of the East-fold, it is the closest armist settlement to the wood-elf kingdom. Curillian has a hunting lodge not far away. See also East-fold & Tol Ankil.


A legendary kingdom in Dorzand, originally founded by exiles from Aranar but long since lost to certain knowledge. Its kings fought ceaseless wars against their barbarian neighbours, and in the end succumbed, but not before a great hero had removed northward to keep the legend alive in Hendar during the days of the Silver Empire. See also Dorzand.


One of the great realms of Astrom, located in the far west of the continent. Its western shores face the great Rétorn Ocean, but inland it has borders with Hendar to the north and Aranar to the east. Ithrill is a great swathe of beautiful and fertile territory beyond the Elarim River, but its most distinctive feature is a long, curving peninsula which juts south into the sea, pointing towards Maristonia. ‘The Silver Finger’, as it is known, encloses Silver Bay, which is almost an Ithrillian lake. There are vineyards and watchtowers all up this peninsula. Elsewhere Ithrill is good farming land and contains many exceptionally beautiful and varied forests, including the shapely, silver-birched rillendi trees for which it is named. Lancearon, when he led a great migration over the Elarim to found Ithrill in the later part of the First Chapter, was enamoured of these trees and became king of a great people from all three elven kindreds. Thus Ithrill became the fourth great elven kingdom (after Kalimar, Ciricen & Endomar), but after the Great Betrayal it remained one of only two at opposite sides of the continent – Kalimar in the east and Ithrill in the west, with hostile mortals between them. Lancearon was an active and cunning king, and so Ithrill, much more so than insular Kalimar, was an active player in world events and for the second half of the Third Chapter dominated the continent in what was known as the Silver Empire. By the time of the Quest of Oron Amular, however, that empire had long since fallen, and Ithrill was just an ordinary kingdom again, albeit still a wealthy and vigorous one. See also Lancearon & Silver Empire.

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