Find below an alphabetical list of all the character names, places and objects beginning with the letter R in the World of Astrom. I shall add to this list as more of my works are published. If an entry is missing, leave a comment below and I shall fill it when I can.


A city of the Alanai in north-eastern Lurallan. It is the most northerly and also the must cultured of the Alanai cities. Lying close to the Maristonian frontier, it has felt the influence of the armist kingdom more than the others. This, combined with its own native flair and artistic expression, make it the most civilised and colourful of the southern cities. It is also a major trading centre, a city-size emporium for all the exotic goods of the south, where spices, dyes, oil and resins crowd the narrow, shady streets, waiting to be sold or sent north in great camel caravans. Although less notorious than the corsair cities of the southern cape, Raduthon is no less violent and many of its folk are warlike, given to banditry by land and piracy by sea. See also Alanai & Lurallan.


A man of Aranar and member of the ruling Pegasus Clan. Rane holds the rank of Clan Knight, making him one of the most senior lieutenants of Clan Lord and Jeantar Southilar. Rane is an auspicious name, having been held by no fewer than 15 ruling Jeantars in the history of Astrom, though the latest ruled more than half a century ago. See also Aranar, Jeantar, Pegasus Clan & Southilar.

Raspald Kin-Slayer

A man of Aranar, Raspald is the chieftain of an outlaw band living in the wilds of the country. He gained his name by the crime for which he went into outlawry, murdering his entire family in a hall-burning after a dispute that turned sour. Since then he has gained notoriety as a leader of bandits and has gathered a disreputable band around him to further his lust for plunder. See also Aranar.


A vine-growing region in eastern Aranar famous for its wines. From intense, full-bodied reds to crisp, sweet late-harvest whites, Redmar vintages are prized all over Astrom and the local Hawk Clan grows rich off the trade that sees endless merchant convoys pass through its lands to go both north and south. See also Aranar & Hawk Clan.


A man of Hendar and a member of the ruling aristocracy. Reubun comes from a powerful and wealthy family in the far south-east of Hendar. He became friends with the Adhanor in their childhood when the Crown Prince was fostered as a ward by Reubun’s parents. The two formed a close bond, and immediately after his accession to the throne the new king raised Reubun to the highest ranks of the nobility by making him Duke of Lalator, one of the five leading cities of the realm. Reubun’s soft temperament and taste for luxuries are well-suited to the opulent, hedonistic atmosphere of Lalator, but these qualities set him at odds with other, more warlike nobles, as does his aloof, supercilious demeanour. See also Adhanor, Lalator & Xavion.


A man of Ciricen and a member of Earl Culdon’s entourage on the Quest of Oron Amular. Rhyard is a veteran warrior of the earl’s household, and as such bears three chevrons on his livery. He tall and muscular, renowned for hardihood and great feats of strength. See also Ciricen & Culdon.


The capital city of Ciricen, lying at the feet of the Westerfang Mountains in that heart of Ciricen. It is a very ancient city, founded by the elven prince Eretol during his exile from Kalimar in the First Chapter. Since then, through many vicissitudes of war and upheaval, Rohandur has been geographically, spiritually and politically the centre of life in Ciricen. See also Ciricen.


A man of Aranar and Clan Knight of the Eagle Clan. He accompanies Jeantar Southilar on the Quest of Oron Amular as a representative of his clan. The Eagle, as great rivals of the Pegasus, are keen to keep an eye on the Jeantar to make sure he doesn’t gain too great an advantage in this mysterious adventure. See also Jeantar & Southilar.


A man of Hendar and a key part of King Adhanor’s expedition to Oron Amular. From humble origins he rose to be a royal sheriff and was renowned as an excellent tracker and pathfinder. It was in this capacity that he helped guide the Hendarian contingent to Oron Amular, helped by the knowledge of Bishop Nurvo. See also Adhanor, Hendar & Nurvo.


An armist of Maristonia, originally from the foothills of the Carthaki Mountains in the Upper Tribune Valley. He is the son of the conjuror Dubarnik, who raised him alone until his death at the hands of vigilantes. Orphaned as an adolescent, Roujeark seeks out the mountain of Oron Amular at his father’s dying behest, for Dubarnik perceived a strange destiny lying in his son’s future. Roujeark journeyed to the Mountain in distant Kalimar, only to be turned away by the Keeper, Mage-Lord Kulothiel. Whilst waiting for his opportunity to return he scratches out a living using his rudimentary magic skills, travelling from village to village. Little does he guess the true nature of the power lying within him, abilities which only wait for an opportunity to come out. As the invitations go out for Kulothiel’s tournament, Roujeark sees a long-promised sign in the sky and knows the Mountain is calling him back. To get there he offers his services to Curillian, King of Maristonia, who has just resolved to answer Kulothiel’s summons. King and conjuror quest for the Mountain together, to see what doom awaits them. See also Carthaki Mountains, Curillian, Dubarnik & Kulothiel.

Royal Guards

An elite military unit in Maristonia tasked with protecting the king and the Carimir Palace. Separate from the legions of the Central Army, the Royal Guards are answerable directly to the crown. There are five cohorts of 120 guardsmen each, between them providing a formidable garrison to the palace. Overall command lies with the Captain of the Guard, currently Sir Lancoir. They are also tasked with protecting the king when abroad. Surumo is Commander of the Third Cohort, which accompanies Curillian to Oron Amular. See also Carimir, Curillian, Lancoir & Surumo.

Royal Zone

The innermost of Mariston’s districts, four concentric circles making up the city. The Royal Zone, separated from the rest of the city by ramparts and a moat, is home to the Carimir Palace and other important government buildings. See also Carimir & Mariston.


A horse, the swift steed of the Aranese rider Jeannor. See also Jeannor.


A man of Ciricen and a member of Earl Culdon’s entourage on the Quest of Oron Amular. Rufin is a seasoned warrior of the earl’s household. See also Ciricen & Culdon.


A man of Hendar, Rumoril is Duke of Malator and uncle to the young King Adhanor. Together with his brother, Dencaril, Duke of Nalator, Rumoril dominated the reign of the late King Idunar, their older brother, and looks to do the same with the newly succeeded Adhanor. Rumoril’s power-base is in the west of Hendar, and is responsible for the defence of the western half of the kingdom. See also Adhanor, Dencaril & Malator.


A pseudonym of Curillian when he fought in the service of Emperor Lancearon during the Second War of Kurundar. Meaning ‘red warrior’, it was given to protect the exiled prince’s identity from his enemies and also reflected the red armour given him by the emperor. Ruthion is also the name of an elven hero of the Great Wars, a legendary figure in both Kalimar and Ithrill. See also Curillian, Lancearon & Second War of Kurundar.

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