X, Y, Z

Find below an alphabetical list of all the character names, places and objects beginning with the letters X, Y and Z in the World of Astrom. I shall add to this list as more of my works are published. If an entry is missing, leave a comment below and I shall fill it when I can.


A man of Hendar and a nobleman of King Adhanor’s court. Xavion is Count of Koros, with an extensive patrimony in south-eastern Hendar. Along with Reubun, Duke of Lalator, he grew up with the young king and is a firm favourite of the new sovereign, though he is at odds with some of the older, more conservative aristocrats in the kingdom. See also Adhanor, Hendar & Reubun.


A precious metal found in rare veins beneath the Carthaki Mountains. It is prized for both its lustrous beauty and its incomparable hardness, which blended strength and suppleness in a way no other metal could. It is staggeringly expensive, worth more than diamonds, and as such only the wealthiest nobles and kings can afford to have their weapons and armour made from it. The Sword of Maristonia, the greatest heirloom of the Harolin Dynasty, is one such weapon, though it was also alloyed with a star-shard by the elf-lord Torlas. See also Carthaki Mountains, Curillian & Sword of Maristonia.

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