Find below an alphabetical list of all the character names, places and objects beginning with the letter L in the World of Astrom. I shall add to this list as more of my works are published. If an entry is missing, leave a comment below and I shall fill it when I can.


A young armist, the son of Sir Lancoir. Orphaned young, he has been raised by family in Mariston as his father is often away on duty. Like his father, he too is a warrior of great promise and is already training at the Military Academy, ready to follow in his father’s footsteps. See also Lancoir.


An elf, King of Ithrill and erstwhile Silver Emperor. Lancearon is one of the oldest and most illustrious elves still dwelling on mainland Astrom, being both of royal Avatar stock and an outstanding warrior and statesman. He is a great-grandson of Avatar, famed for legendary heroics in the Great Wars of the First Chapter and for founding the Kingdom of Ithrill. As king of this realm, he led one of the two elven nations to survive the Great Betrayal, but unlike the Kalimar he had forsaken, Ithrill played an active part in the deeds of the Third Chapter. Lancearon was instrumental in winning the First War of Kurundar, but when his vanquished foe arose again in redoubled strength the king of Ithrill pursued a vision of empire to unite the Free Peoples against Urunmar. His Silver Empire drenched the continent in blood and endless warfare until Kurundar’s invasion forced the Free Peoples to follow Lancearon’s imperial banner. Lancearon again guided them to victory, but this time the struggle was longer and the cost far higher, leaving all of Ciroken in ashes. From the devastation the Silver Empire passed into legend and Lancearon retreated to Ithrill, a singular figure in Astrom’s history, venerated by many as the continent’s saviour but denounced by many others as a blood-soaked tyrant second only to Kurundar. Yet with their old nemesis rising again, it may be that Lancearon has one final war to fight before all is done. See also Ithrill, Silver Empire & Kurundar.


An armist of Maristonia and a famous warrior. One of twelves knights in the Order of Thainen, Lancoir commands the Royal Guards, Curillian’s elite bodyguard. Picked out by the king in his youth as a fighter of rare potential, Lancoir faithfully followed his king into many wars and adventures and quickly gained a fearsome, almost invincible reputation. A gruff, solitary character, Lancoir is feared and respected throughout Astrom. He will accompany Curillian on the Quest of Oron Amular, once again his lord’s right-man armist. See also Knights of Thainen, Curillian & Royal Guards.


A town in Maristonia on the eastern coast of Carinen Peninsula. Laston is a small port but plays a key role as the home of the ferries which ply the seaborne route to Welton and the Phirmar across Dagger’s Cove. See also Carinen Peninsula, Dagger’s Cove & Phirmar.

League of Wizardry

A magical institution based in Oron Amular. The League was inaugurated by Avatar, the first Keeper, to be the guardians of Astrom. The mages and wizards trained there were to use their giftings from Prélan to protect and prosper the Free Peoples. Throughout its long and storied history the League lived up to this noble vision with varying levels of success, and its role ranged from police-force of the continent to elite commando units in war to loremasters and diplomats in times of peace. Led by an arch-mage, who was simultaneously Head of the League of Wizardry and Keeper of the Mountain, the League opposed the evil of Urunmar and allied itself to the free nations, providing military aid when needed and wise counsel via a system of permanent embassies in important cities. The League was instrumental in defeating Kurundar during both the First and Second Wars, though it was already on the wane by the time of the latter. Not only had Kurundar sapped its strength by seducing many of its best members to dark magic, but its resources were drained by the long war and replacements were few. It entered the Fourth Chapter a spent force, quickly diminishing into a vague legend, known properly to only a few. When the stormclouds of war gather again, Kulothiel, the last Keeper, decides upon a desperate course of action and holds a Tournament…See also Oron Amular, Kulothiel, Kurundar & Free Peoples.


A man of Aranar and Clan Knight of the Unicorn Clan. He accompanies Jeantar Southilar on the Quest of Oron Amular as a representative of his clan. The Unicorn, as great rivals of the Pegasus, are keen to keep an eye on the Jeantar to make sure he doesn’t gain too great an advantage in this mysterious adventure. See also Jeantar & Southilar.


An elf-woman of Ithrill, one of three representatives sent to the Tournament of Oron Amular by King Lancearon. Linvion is a distinguished diplomat with a reputation for great perspicacity and insight, well-used to the politics of Ithrill and dealings with foreign powers. Yet unlike her companions, Elrinde and Astacar, she is no warrior, and so this is a dangerous mission for her. See also Ithrill, Elrinde & Astacar.

Lion Clan

One of the larger clans of Aranar, based in the central part of the country in the plains west of the White Mountains. Their symbol is a rampant lion and they frequently challenge for the Jeantarship. See also Aranar & Jeantar.


An armist of Maristonia and a warrior serving as a tracker in the Eastern Army. Lionenn is of the few adherents to the Konenaire doctrine left in the Maristonian Army, marking him out from his comrades as a soldier of stricter discipline and stranger beliefs. He is hugely strong, favours fighting with axes or hammers, and bears the mysterious ink tattoos for which Konenaires are famous. His services are enlisted by King Curillian during the Quest of Oron Amular. See also Konenaire & Eastern Army.


A man of Ciricen, father and predecessor of the current King Thónarion. Liotor came to the throne when Ciricen was still weakened and struggling to rebuild after the devastations of the Second War of Kurundar, but he is remembered as having re-asserted royal control over the whole kingdom by the end of his reign. Yet the end of his kingship was overshadowed by the resurgence of the Sordai and he died in battle with them in 423 of the Fourth Chapter, to be succeeded by his eldest son Eldathar. See also Eldathar, Ciricen, Second War of Kurundar & Sordai.


Lithan is an exalted elf, an Avatar of the royal house and directly descended from the Elder King. He is the High King of the elves at the time of the Quest of Oron Amular. He has sat on the throne of Kalimar for four hundred years, succeeding after his father, Avallonë, died in the Siege of Aramar during the Second War of Kurundar. Unlike his father and grandfather, who were actively involved in the affairs of the world, Lithan kept his distance from outside events. His court had an isolationist policy, leaving Kalimar in only minimal contact with its neighbours. Lithan is noble and wise, but he is little pleased with the plans laid by Kulothiel. See also Avallonë, Avalar & Kalimar.

Lord High Chancellor

A very senior office in the Maristonian government, one of the chief ministers of the crown. The Lord High Chancellor oversees the royal secretariat and bureaucracy, responsible for maintaining the king’s administration across a far-flung realm. The Royal Treasury is also accountable to the Lord High Chancellor for all royal revenues and spending. The current Lord High Chancellor is Ophryior, an inscrutable administrator with formidable talents of organisation. See also Maristonia.

Lord Protector

A title assumed by Daulastir after the murder of King Mirkan of Maristonia. Having falsely accused and exiled the young Crown Prince Curillian, Daulastir used this honorific to maintain the fiction that he was an innocent servant of the crown, maintaining order in the realm whilst the Harolin Dynasty had been disrupted. Under this title Daulastir exercised dictatorial powers and almost brought the kingdom to ruin, even as the fate of the world hung in the balance during the Second War of Kurundar. It is for cruelty, injustice and oppression that both Daulastir and his title are remembered, a symbol of a dark time in Maristonian history. See also Mirkan, Curillian & Second War of Kurundar.


A race of men from Ciricen known for their nobility and martial prowess. When some of the men of Ciricen fell into evil, they stayed true to their honour and fought for a kingdom of justice and goodness. Their traditional enemies, the Sordai, were based in the mountains of the north and allied to Urunmar, whereas the Lordai held the south of Ciricen. Together they were entangled in endless warfare, battling for the soul of Ciricen. See also Ciricen & Sordai.


An armist, the father of Lancoir. Originally from Markest in the East-fold, Lorumon served in the Eastern Army before earning promotion to the Order of Thainen. Knighted by King Curillian in days of peace, he served faithfully though with no great distinction. He did, however, succeed in arousing the enmity of powerful armists in Mariston who resented his sudden rise from humble beginnings and his stolid honesty. During the king’s absence he was arrested and brought before a kangaroo court. He was condemned and executed unlawfully on false evidence. His son, the hot-headed Lancoir, pursued a private blood-feud against his father’s murderers until the king intervened to settle matters. See also Lancoir, Curillian, East-fold & Eastern Army.

Losathen the Luckless

A man of Aranar and a knight errant. Losathen was one of those unfortunate men who had no clan and so had to pursue an individual existence, eking out what living he could in regional tourneys and hiring out his sword to the highest bidder. His lack of luck was so famous that it became his sobriquet, though his luck started to turn when he was among the few questers who succeeded in discovering the way to Oron Amular. See also Aranar.

Lucask Lightfoot

A man of Aranar and an outlaw. Famed for his fleetness of foot, he was a member of Raspald Kin-Slayer’s band, serving as a scout and runner. He was among those who ambushed and captured Linvion of Ithrill, along with Elrinde and Astacar. Though it bought his passage to Oron Amular, it did him little good in the end. See also Raspald Kin-Slayer, Linvion, Astacar & Elrinde.


The southernmost region of Astrom, a hilt-like projection at the bottom of the continent. Lurallan was a land apart, filled with warring tribes and constantly antagonistic to its giant northern neighbour, Maristonia. Lurallan’s history was troubled, having first been settled by exiled dwarves and the most disreputable sea-elves of the Second Chapter. From these ignominious beginnings grew a divided melting pot of different desert tribes who fell headlong into the Curse of Mortality. Collectively these tribes were known as the Alanai, the south-dwellers. More or less continuously at war with each other, when they did manage to unite they launched three great invasions of Maristonia and countless petty raids, though they were also subjugated at different times both by the armists and by the Silver Empire. At the time of the Quest of Oron Amular the land-based tribes and the sea-roving corsairs are as implacably opposed to the Free Peoples as ever, and will have a part to play if war breaks out again. See also Alanai & Maristonia.

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