Find below an alphabetical list of all the character names, places and objects beginning with the letter O in the World of Astrom. I shall add to this list as more of my works are published. If an entry is missing, leave a comment below and I shall fill it when I can.


A man of Hendar and a senior nobleman of the realm. Onandur is Count of Oloyir, one of the magnates of the dukedom of Nalator. He was appointed a guardian of Prince Adhanor in his youth and went on to become the captain of the new king’s bodyguards after the succession. He is a big man and an imposing figure, with a voice and martial skill to match and a talent for intimidating others. See also Adhanor & Nalator.


An armist of Maristonia and current holder of the office of Lord High Chancellor. Ophryior is an exceptional administrator and organiser with encylopaedic knowledge of the realm and the workings of the royal government. He is responsible for the king’s bureaucracy and the Royal Treasury. Ophryior makes few friends, for he is cold and aloof, but he is respected by all as a calculating bureaucrat with an unerring memory. See also Lord High Chancellor.


A mysterious prophetic voice that dwells within the Pool of High Magic in Oron Amular. Believed to speak with the voice of Prélan Himself, the Oracle is held in reverent awe by the denizens of Oron Amular and the leaders of Elvendom. Its first utterances came late in the First Chapter, and since then it has appeared to make prophetic pronouncements at key intervals. No one knows how it arises out of the pool, nor when it will next appear. Its words are seldom easy to understand, but its meaning always become clear to hearts that trust in Prélan. See also Oron Amular, Pool of High Magic & Prélan.

Order of Thainen

An order of knights in Maristonia, the seniormost in the realm. Traditionally there are always twelve Knights of Thainen, and when one dies another must be appointed to take his place, either the king’s choice or the warrior who avenges a fallen knight. The order was founded by King Thainen centuries ago, long before the Second War of Kurundar, and takes its name from him. He felt the need for a brotherhood of great warriors to accompany him on his campaigns, serving as both generals, advisors and bodyguards. Long after Thainen’s wars had ended the Knights of Thainen endured, becoming the most prestigious military unit in all of Ebinnin. Sir Lancoir is one of the most senior Knights of Thainen at the time of the Quest of Oron Amular – the rest are dispersed around the realm or on official visits to foreign courts. See also Lancoir & Thainen.

Oron Amular

The tallest mountain in all of Astrom, hiding in plain sight at the northern edge of the Black Mountains. It is exceedingly lofty, but its true distinction comes not from its height but from the Pool of High Magic lying near its summit. The pool exists in a rarefied cavern above the snowline, and from it the Mountain takes its name – Oron Amular meaning Mountain of High Magic. It was first discovered by Avatar, the Elder King, who recognised its importance as a sacred place and possessing great power bestowed by Prélan. He it was who first learnt the uses of magic and its purpose as Prélan’s gift to enrich and protect the elven nations. For the furtherance of these noble aims, and for the fitting stewardship and protection of the pool, Avatar founded the League of Wizardry, an august body of those gifted in magic. This exalted institution grew in size, power and complexity until it was a great player in the affairs of the world, existing independently of the kingdom of Kalimar but owing fealty to the High King. After many wars and great events, however, the League declined and Oron Amular was lost to myth, forgotten by most except as a distant rumour of great power and mystery. Only when Kulothiel, the Keeper of the Mountain, sends out invitations to a great tournament, do the princes of the world remember Oron Amular and the potential of what may yet reside there. See also Avatar, Kulothiel, League of Wizardry & Pool of High Magic.

Oron Cavardul

A high mountain in Urunmar, located in the southern arc of a great volcanic chain. It stands apart from the other peaks around it, with the acidic River Furophir flowing in twin branches around its tortured feet. It is home to the second pool of magic, making it the twin of Oron Amular. Originally the mountain was called Oron Barazand, and was the subject of a great quest by the League of Wizardry to locate and secure the rumoured second pool. Yet the victor of that quest, Kurundar, seized possession of the pool for himself, and together both he and the pool were corrupted and fell into darkness. Instead of being a fount of power for good, as was the pool in Oron Amular, this became a source of great evil and sorcery. Thus its name was changed to Oron Cavardul, of whose various renderings the most apt is ‘Mountain of the Wielder of Black Magic’. Ever after it was the nemesis of the League of Wizardry and remains an ever-present threat in the north. See also Kurundar, League of Wizardry & Urunmar.


An armist and soldier of Maristonia. Otaken is general of the 28th Legion, based in Antion on the southern frontier. This is the senior unit guarding the Lurallan border, and as such Otaken is the pre-eminent figure in the defence of the south, along with the Constable of the South-fold. See also Lurallan & South-fold.

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