Find below an alphabetical list of all the character names, places and objects beginning with the letter U in the World of Astrom. I shall add to this list as more of my works are published. If an entry is missing, leave a comment below and I shall fill it when I can.

Unicorn Clan

One of the great clans of Aranar, a clan of great nobility and antiquity. The Unicorn lands centre on Stable in the White Lands, a lush and fertile lowland between the White Mountains and the Stallion Hills. Historically the Unicorn have been successful and powerful, ranking fifth in terms of the number of times they have produced a Jeantar, but in recent times they have been loss potent. At the time of the Quest of Oron Amular it has been over half a century since the last Unicorn Jeantar, and so their influence has diminished. However, they still retain a reputation for being the most refined of all the clans, prizing learning and other non-martial accomplishments. See also Aranar & Jeantar.


A corsair city on the south-east coast of Lurallan in the extreme south of Astrom. Urundair is one of the few great cities of the Alanai, a harbour for the great corsair fleets and a thriving emporium for all kinds of trade, but illicit and otherwise. Urundair is a hive of villainy and vice with a veneer of sophistication, as brutal seagoing warlords compete in opulence whilst oppressing the urban poor who live in squalor in the baking temperature of the south. The blistering desert of Nar-Solar lies in the hinterland, but the focus of Urundair is ever ocean-ward, where its fleets plague the merchant vessels and southern coasts of Maristonia. See also Alanai & Lurallan.


The name given to Daulastir when he forced Prince Curillian into exile and took power in Maristonia on the eve of the Second War of Kurudar. At first he operated under a cloak of legality in his capacity as Lord Protector, but his true intentions soon belied him, and he became known as the Usurper, a name by which armist history has judged him ever since. See also Curillian, Lord Protector & Second War of Kurundar.


An armist and member of the Third Cohort of the Royal Guards of Mariston. Utarion is a brave warrior and devoted to his talismanic king. See also Royal Guards.

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