Find below an alphabetical list of all the character names, places and objects beginning with the letter V in the World of Astrom. I shall add to this list as more of my works are published. If an entry is missing, leave a comment below and I shall fill it when I can.


A metaphysical particle that underpins and drives magic in Astrom (plural valiroen). Every unit of ordinary matter has a valiron as an invisible counterpart. Valiroen reside in the two Pools of Magic in particular potency. Mages, both good and evil, are the only ones who can control these particles, which they do through one of two main ways. The first is by drawing power from a Pool of Magic into a staff or other receptive implement. The second is through direct contact, which means gaining fluency in a secret tongue by which the mage can communicate with the valiroen. Typically, the latter is mastered only by a few mages, who are, as a consequence of not being reliant on access to a Pool of Magic, by far the most powerful and dangerous. See also League of Wizardry, Oron Amular & Pool of High Magic.


A man of Aranar and a member of the outlaw band of Raspald Kin-Slayer. Vampana was a sinister figure, a torturer and dabbler in the occult. See also Raspald Kin-Slayer.


The greatest and longest river in Astrom, cutting across its middle like a girdle. Also known as the Great River, it separates the sub-continent of Ciroken in the north from that of Ebinnin in the south, and marks the frontier between these two halves of Astrom. The Vanri rises from ice-packs high up in the Black Mountains of Kalimar and its remote and deep-cloven upper reaches are a desolate no-mans land in a corner between Aranar, Kalimar & Maristonia. Below the Dorzand Wall it widens out into a flatter course and runs between two ranges of hills, with Aranar on the north bank and Maristonia on the south. The Vanri frontiers are sparsely-populated, but nevertheless a good deal of river traffic goes up and downstream on skiffs, barges and trading cogs. The great city of Phoenix lies beneath a great waterfall and serves as a trading hub where the borders of Aranar, Ithrill & Maristonia meet in a much richer region. The river finally empties into Silver Bay, across which ships can take goods from Phoenix to either Ithrill and Hendar in the north, or Maristonia and Lurallan in the south. See also Black Mountains, Ciroken & Ebinnin.


The Varell is a river in northern Kalimar, flowing down from the Black Mountains to the Troizon Ocean. Like the Amulir, its sister river, it has its source in the snowclad slopes behind Oron Amular, whilst at its mouth is the major Sea-elven port of Lithon. In-between for a good distance it runs along the edge of Therenmar and marks the forest-realm’s western border. See also Black Mountains, Oron Amular & Therenmar.

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