Time to Complete the Trilogy

This is going to be a very special autumn. In a month’s time I’m going to reach the end of a year-long journey. With the release of my third book, Power Unimaginable, my Oron Amular trilogy will be complete. If last autumn was memorable for becoming a published author for the first time, this autumn will be right up there as well because the whole story will be out there in print.

Nearly a year ago I achieved my lifelong dream of getting a book published. Seeing The Call of the Mountain come out was one of the best moments of my life. But it was only the start. Oron Amular started out as one single novel, and only became a trilogy part-way through the final re-write. It’s been a lot of fun but also a lot of hard work to publish it as three linked books. I’m really excited to be on the verge of completing the trilogy.

Book I, The Call of the Mountain, introduced people to Astrom and our heroes who were answering the summons of Mage-lord Kulothiel to a mysterious Tournament. Many adventures lay before them, and the epic quest continued in Book II, Rite of Passage. Encountering unexpected enemies and allies alike across the storied landscapes of Maristonia and Kalimar, our heroes won through to the lost Mountain of Oron Amular and must now brace themselves for the greatest test of all.

Now, in Book III, Power Unimaginable, the climax approaches as many contestants pass through the dark gates of Oron Amular. Entering the legendary ancestral home of the League of Wizardry, they must be ready for the unknown challenges that lie in wait. Vying against each other and the Mountain itself, the contestants will soon realise what they have let themselves in for. Which of them will survive long enough to discover Kulothiel’s true purposes, and who among them will succeed in claiming Power Unimaginable?

Continue the quest this November with our heroes and a next expanded cast of other contestants. You can expect a story full of daring and danger, marvels, mystery and magic. Discover more about Astrom, delve deep into one of its greatest wonders, and get ready for an explosive finale.

I hope fans enjoy reading the third and final instalment as much as I enjoyed writing it. Power Unimaginable is available now for pre-order, so get in touch to reserve your copy. It’s time to complete the adventure…

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