Synopsis of Oron Amular

The Mountain has finally broken its long silence. The invitations have gone out, spreading the word far and wide: Kulothiel, the Mage-Lord, is holding a tournament. Kings, knights and champions from all the lands of Astrom are all beckoned to compete at the Mountain of High Magic, Oron Amular. The prize held before them is ‘Power Unimaginable’.

Nothing like it has ever been heard of. Oron Amular is the stuff of legend, hidden somewhere in the Black Mountains of ancient Kalimar. Since the demise of the fabled League of Wizardry the Mountain has passed out of the knowledge of mortals, a mysterious place of power whose secrets are known now only by a privileged few.

Curillian, king of Maristonia, is one of those invited to compete, and he is only too glad to leave behind the dull officialdom of his capital and relive the adventures of his youth. He takes with him a cohort of Royal Guards under the command of the redoubtable Lancoir, but they won’t get far unless they find someone who knows the way…

Roujeark the wandering conjuror received a different kind of summons. He has endured years of waiting as an appointed time gradually drew nearer. Now, as the invites hasten out, he gets ready to resume an old journey and fulfil his long-postponed destiny.

All down the length and breadth of Astrom, lords and heroes are embarking on similar quests, all keen to prove their prowess and win the great prize. From north, south and west they set out, employing fair means and foul to find a way to the Mountain.

Obstacles and difficulties of many kinds stand between the contestants and their destination, and only through great adventure and dire danger will they even be able to compete. But just as the prize offered is beyond their wildest dreams, so the greatest challenges await within the Mountain itself, where they must enter into an ancient world of magic, a haunt of wizards and sorcery. Who will prevail? And who will live long enough to discover Kulothiel’s true purpose? Be sure to come back to Astrom soon to find out more…

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