Maps of Oron Amular

These are the two main maps for Oron Amular: a continental view and one showing the main area of the action in the eastern part of the continent.

Continental Map of Astrom

This is the continent of Astrom in is entirety, from the deserts of Lurallan in the south to Urunmar’s frozen wastes in the north, and from the storm-lashed capes of Ithrill in the west to the cradle of elven civilisation in Kalimar in the east. This map was re-drawn by the author by hand in 2019 to be suitable for the book, sharpening the key names and removing unnecessary detail. It shows the main countries, cities and geographical features.

Route Map for Oron Amular

This more in-depth map shows a section of the eastern part of Astrom. Most of what is shown in this map forms the eastern part of Maristonia, the armist kingdom, but there are also parts of Aranar in the top-left, Kalimar in the top-right and Dorzand at the top-centre. It too was re-drawn by hand for the book in 2019 by the author, and is designed to accompany the Oron Amular novels.

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